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GCA/ISI lithography tools
Services Provided

  • On-Site Servicing - complete inventory to support customer requirements
  • Engineering Support - Field Service department with over 60 years of experience
  • Service Contracts - tailored to specific customer needs

System Sales - Refurbishment - Brokerage

  • Image Repeaters - GCA 3696 mask-making systems with many options
  • Pattern Generators - GCA 3000/3600/3600F - Create your own Master reticles!
  • Wafer Steppers - GCA 4800, 6000 & 8000 series, ALS-200, & AutoStep 200


  • LD-32 Exposure System
  • PS-1000 Probe Mask Generator
  • 300mm Wafer Stepper - Alpha-300
  • Large Bed Scale Generator

PC Controller Upgrade
As support for the DEC system controllers dissolved when the company closed their doors, and seeing computer technology jumping by leaps and bounds, we saw the need to keep the GCA system controller current with this pace, so we developed a direct replacement controller to seamlessly handle the operation of the GCA Wafer Stepper.

As a direct replacement, our upgrade utilizes a Strobe Data Pentium-class computer to operate a sophisticated interface board that utilizes a proprietary DEC chipset to communicate directly with the original GCA operating system, which RZE has formatted to reside on the PC hard drive. Integrated in this new controller is a Q-Bus backplane, which allows the original system interfacing boards to be installed, keeping communication to the intended subsystems intact.

Our purpose for developing this was to be able to have current computer parts easily accessible in case of malfunction (i.e.: hard drive/floppy drive/pc power supply, etc.), although the reliability of these units has been superb - we have not had one failure in the field since our first installation in 1996, with 30+ installations in the USA and India.

This installation includes all hardware for mounting of an additional flat-screen PC monitor and a keyboard replacement. The original hybrid monitor becomes a dedicated overlay alignment screen. If the condition of this monitor is in question, please see our CCD/ Monitor Upgrade below.

Metrology Subsystem Computer Upgrade
In a similar need for technological improvement, we instituted bringing the metrology computer up-to-date with Pentium-class processing and an updated version of the original metrology software to allow for operation with the new controller.

CCD / Monitor Overlay System Upgrade
This upgrade replaces older camera systems to a CCD version, and also upgrades the monitor with a new tube and electronics for maximizing visual ability for improved overlay accuracy.

Substrate Handling Options
The desire to work with various substrate materials, sizes, and thickness is as unique as there are customers. This desire takes the user into conditions that the original system software was not designed for, so some creative methodology is required in operating with these variations.

In handling these requests, we have developed a couple of methods for working with different sizes and pieces.

The Paddle system allows you to have different size paddles that mate to a base unit installed onto the wafer stage. As this is a 2 piece system, once the base is installed, different paddles are configured and created to allow loading of different size & thickness wafers, including pieces. The use of a paddle system does terminate the use of the Automatic Wafer Handler, so you will be manually loading your substrates.

The Carrier system is a carrier wafer, made of silicon or ceramic, which has a manufactured pocket to hold a specific size/thickness wafer. This carrier (pocket wafer) can be loaded into the Automatic Wafer Handler as a regular wafer and loaded automatically onto the stage.

In order to handle the variety of substrates, a plan of substrate usage is necessary in order to calculate the required paddle/carrier thickness measurements for feasibility and manufacturing.

Laser Transducer Replacement
As HP no longer manufactures or repairs the HP 5501 laser transducers, we have a connection with a Laser manufacturer who makes a greatly improved direct replacement for this unit. It can utilize the existing connections, or can draw its power from an independent power supply, reducing the power load on the GCA chassis supply, giving it longer life. This also allows you to plug the laser into a separate circuit so that the laser head stays active during system shutdowns, prolonging the laser life from multiple on/off cycles.