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Instant InsightTM is the first technology to combine two-way, real-time full-color audio/video communication with real-time instrument control. With an Instant Insight Master Unit at your site and a remote system at a second site, you can view the situation, collaborate with co-workers, take control of the equipment and solve the problem. Because Instant Insight is so revolutionary, it can operate over all communication mediums.

  • With Instant Insight, problems can be addressed immediately.
  • There is no travel required.
  • No waiting for an expert to arrive on the scene.
  • Uptime is maximized.
  • Expense and downtime are minimized.
  • Instant Insight is essential wherever remote monitoring and control are needed.

It's easy to see how Instant Insight cuts downtime and expedites solutions.

Monitor the problem and see the results, Instantly.
Instant Insight is composed of a Master System and a Remote On-Site System. Information acquired from the Remote System is processed by the Master System, and solutions are transmitted instantly to make repairs, adjustments, or operate equipment.

Solve the problem safely from the outside, looking in.
Situations involving unsafe or hazardous conditions, toxic materials or explosives can be defused remotely, from the comfort of an office. Not only can you solve the problem remotely, you can visually verify the effectiveness of your procedure.

Expert consulting and problem solving.
When an expert is required, but is not on-site, Instant Insight brings the person directly to the problem. When teamwork is the best solution, two groups can work together with full videoconferencing capability, white-boarding and the exclusive ability to control the equipment from either site.

What's more, we can develop custom applications or design Instant Insight into systems with built-in interrogation programs, allowing repairs without tools.

Instant Insight delivers Instant Payback.

Patent #5,619,183 April 8, 1997
Instant Insight and TeleControl are trademarks of RZ Enterprises, Inc.