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RZ Enterprises, Inc. (RZE)
was established in 1991 under the business name of RZ Associates, a sole proprietorship, and was later incorporated in the state of California.

provides sales and support services for GCA/ISI line of Wafer Stepper, Mask Making and Pattern Generator equipment (Models include: 3000, 3600, 3696, 4800, 6300, 8500, ALS-200, AutoStep 200). With over 15 years in business, our senior employees represent over 75 years of photolithography experience. Our customer base includes universities, government facilities, and manufacturing/R&D companies worldwide.

LITHOGRAPHY - In keeping these systems current with today's technology, we have developed several system upgrades: Replacement of the DEC Controller (PDP 11/04 thru 11/53) with a Pentium-class PC Controller, new CCD Camera and Video Monitoring component integration, a Pentium-class controller update for the DFAS/MicroDFAS/Metrology subsystem, and an upgraded Laser Metering head.

Our Engineering and Design team has successfully developed custom systems for the 300mm industry (Alpha-300: The worlds first 300mm Wafer Stepper), the Probe Card industry (PS-1000 Probe Mask Generator), and advances/adaptations for the MEMS industry, and are always willing to work with other technologies that are looking to take advantage of established semiconductor methodology.

CUSTOM MACHINE DESIGN - Design and analysis of structures, mechanisms, electrical/hydraulic actuators and control systems are performed. Layouts, detailed drawings and bills of material are produced. Where existing machines or components do not meet the customer's requirements, RZE can design custom structures, mechanisms, drives and control systems as necessary. Our machine design practice follows the same structured approach employed in developing complete systems.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION - RZE takes high technology sensors and automation products and integrates them with proven packaging, positioners and structures to supply customers with "turnkey" systems.

PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT - All the services above can be combined in a single project to develop a new approach to an existing problem. RZE manages a phased program to develop and implement a customized system, which has maximum benefit at minimum development risk.

is committed to meeting our customer's changing requirements with a broad range of product solutions. This commitment involves more than just quality products, it entails partnering with our customers to understand their unique problems and provide innovative solutions. Our commitment also encompasses an extensive global service and support network on which our customers can rely upon. Backing all of our efforts is a thorough knowledge of our products and the diverse applications our products serve.