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The LD-32 Exposure System designed by RZ Enterprises, Inc. is exclusively for direct photo-imaging onto a substrate (i.e., wafers, PC Boards, Ceramics, ect.) with high precision and accuracy and at throughput rates necessary for efficient production operation. The system images a 3X pattern (50mm square final image) directly on the selected substrate. The images can be stepped and repeated in an array over the entire substrate area. The system can handle substrates up to twelve (12) inches square on a simple vacuum holder and is suited for producing images with resolution finer than 3 microns.

The LD-32 Exposure System designed for the MEMS, PC Board, Fluidics, and other advancing industries, is more economical and useful than direct electron beam writing. The basic system provides for placement and one-time alignment of the substrate using laser interferometric metering to provide highly linear stage positioning during exposure with least count increments of 0.04 micrometer in both axis. Computer controls has been developed that allows the simplest of operator interaction and control of the stage positioning to a resolution/accuracy of 0.1 micron.

As existing technologies search for new avenues to enhance their products, the ability to utilize more advanced technology techniques is advantageous to their continued success. Acknowledging these trends, and researching new ways to improve upon them, the need for a larger exposure field has always shown to be desired. RZE developed a lens capable of a much larger field size than currently available, thus opening the pathway to fill more of the requirements that would benefit these evolving technologies. This system takes advantage of the many established semiconductor methodologies.