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Custom Services - Applications for UV thru IR
The RZE Custom Imaging team produces a wide variety of products with 1.0cm X 1.0cm to 300mm final part size capability. We can produce your product using a wide range of substrate materials and coatings such as:


Soda Lime Glass B270 Fused Silica
Ceramics Opal Plastics
Metals Sapphire  


High Reflective Chrome Low Reflective Chrome Aluminum
Blue Chrome Blue-chrome-Blue Gold
Multi-metal Coatings Other coatings available ITO


We incorporate coatings, substrates, and customized metal imaging to match your transmission and reflective applications.

Calibration Standards Calibration Grids Star Bursts
Test Targets Resolution Targets Custom Slides
Dot Grid Arrays Ronchi Rulings Custom Reticles


Custom Design and Digitizing Services
Most data formats accepted: GCSII, DXF, DWG Standard Formats

Some examples of our work:  Custom Lithography Slides


Precision Metrology Services
In-house capability for measuring up to a 12inches square plate to +/- 0.1 microns traceable to NIST Standard #632.9913718

RZE is committed to meeting each customer’s changing requirements with a broad range of product solutions. This commitment involves more than just quality products. It entails partnering with our customers to understand their unique interests and provide innovative solutions. Our commitment also encompasses an extensive global service and support network on which our customers can rely. Backing all of our efforts is a thorough knowledge of our products and the diverse applications our products serve.